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5 carers in Barbican, UK


Our carers are DBS checked and interviewed

All carers are insured except those marked as Home Assistants

no_feedback 1600
Advanced carer
17.80634275445369 no_feedback 1600

Hourly rate: £16.00

Caring for: 18 years

Rose-Marie M

I have been a carer for 18 years in a variety of settings, young and old. With all of the experience i have had and the training i have undertaken, I can handle absolutely anything, no matter how challenging the situation.

My clients always talk about my positive attitude and the joy I bring into the house every day. They also love the food I cook, my sense of humor and the families appreciate the level of responsibility I take and how clearly I communicate.

I love to cook and I love cricket, I especially love the way they play on the subcontinent, they play with such a beautiful style.

So, if you are looking for an experienced professional, reliable and flexible carer, to help you manage and deliver care for your loved ones, please get in touch.

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Home assistant
23.0063029771968 no_feedback 1500

Hourly rate: £15.00

Caring for: 2 years

Sandra O

I have two years experience of live in care work which was three to four days a week.
My duties were assisting in washing and dressing. Preparing and providing meals. Assisting to the toilet. Reporting and monitoring for redness or breaks on the skin. Assist with medication. Liasing with the pharmacist, GP and district nurses. Accompany to hospital appointments, trips to the shops and coffee shops. Carried out household duties, laundry and ironing. Maintaining a clean safe house.

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Qualified carer
24.695605147560737 no_feedback 1500

Hourly rate: £15.00

Caring for: 2 years

Kwaku A

I have been disability carer for last 2 years, and in the time, I have learnt a huge amount about both how to care for, but also how to interact with others. Building a strong connection with someone over a short amount of time is something I pride myself on.

Having run businesses in the past, as well as through my care work, I am also a strong communicator and problem solver, no matter what the situation I will get to the bottom of it.

I love music, all the greats and the not so greats too, do get in touch.

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Qualified carer
25.089901552183292 no_feedback 1700

Hourly rate: £17.00

Caring for: 2 years

Tope S

I have been a carer for 2 years. In that time, I have looked after multiple patients in their own homes. I listen to my clients so I can understand needs and to what is required to keep them safe. I have achieved qualifications in Moving and Handling, Mental Health and Infection Prevention and Control, all culminating in my NVQ2.

Caring for others is something that I have enjoyed doing my whole life, so being able to do this as a career over the past few years has been a joy. I set out each day to make people happy, I like to go above and beyond to ensure that my patients feel both looked after and loved. This means I don’t just help them complete their daily activities, but I also seek to connect on a personal level, as friends.

I love to sing, and I sing in the choir at Church with my friends and fellow parishioners. I also enjoy playing basketball, which allows me to enjoy my height advantage to out-score my friends. At home I care for my children and wider family, often cooking for them. Family meals are a joy. I hope that the above has convinced you of both my competence and my ability to make a difference to your life for the better
Please get in touch.

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no_feedback 1300
Qualified carer
25.09285323466821 no_feedback 1300

Hourly rate: £13.00

Caring for: 2 years

Doki A

I have been living in the UK for the past 10 years and have worked as a carer and support worker professionally for over two years, I also care for my two nieces with special needs.

I thoroughly enjoy keeping my client's company and enjoy helping with personal care. I have often faced difficult situations, but I always found a way to get past this for my clients and their families, providing the best service possible in terms of companionship, personal care and cooking. People say I should set up my own restaurant; they must think i am a great cook, I couldn't possibly say. I enjoy the caring, nurturing aspect of my job and I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life.

I have many hobbies and interests, including singing, current affairs and movies but if chatting is a hobby, I will include that because I love to have a good chat.

If you would like to have a chat, please do get in touch. I look forward to speaking with you.

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